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Support the Tiger's Den Food Pantry!

You can help support the Tiger’s Den Food Pantry and feed people in need with your donations.

***Please note that we can’t accept damaged, opened, or expired items.***

Essential College Residence Hall Food

 Boxed meals, such as Banquet

Dinners and Hormeal Compleats

 Granola Bars

 Pop Tarts

 Potato Chips

 Cheese sticks

 Apple sauce pouches, fruit cups

 Protein bars, granola bars, fruit bars

 Dried fruit (cherries, figs,


 Juice Boxes

 Hot sauces and Condiments

 Banquet Meals

 Oatmeal

 Instant Grits

 Canned Fruit with pop lids

 Rice Cakes (flavored)

 Cereal

 Rice Cups

 Cup O Noodles

 Ramen Noodles (variety flavors)

 Lunchables

 Lunch Meat

 Cheese (Individual Slices Packages)

 Popcorn (Variety Movie Butter,

Sweet Kettle etc.)

 Variety Cracker Snacks

Essentials for Residence Hall Room Cooking and Baking

(If you are donating can foods please consider also donating can openers)

 Canned veggies (green beans, corn,


 Canned fruits (peach, pineapple, etc.)

 Marinara sauce, alfredo sauce

 Canned chicken and canned salmon

 Chicken broth, vegetable stock

 Spices: salt, pepper, season all salt,

cinnamon, sprinkles

 Olive oil, vegetable oil

 Can Openers

Essential Toiletries

• Soap (Dove & Dial) • Deodorant • Toothbrushes • Toothpaste • Shampoo • Feminine Products •

Toilet Paper • Laundry Detergent • Bleach • Cleaning Products

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