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Fulbright Fellowship Semi-finalist

Meet Hillary Cyrus, a visual arts major & business administration minor at Tuskegee University. She was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland and currently works as a busy soon-to-be graduate, intently focused on paving the way for her future. She has applied and been accepted as a Fulbright fellowship semi-finalist, and is actively working on her portfolio to apply to the Savannah School of Art & Design for her graduate studies as a fashion designer. If accepted as a Fulbright finalist, she will travel to Kenya, Africa soon after graduation.

Hillary is also determined to leave a positive mark on Tuskegee University before graduating. This semester, she initiated & became the president of Tuskegee’s new Kappa Pi chapter: Kappa Omega. Kappa Pi is an international arts honor society that creates a community for artists, art appreciators, and other like-minded creatives. She noticed the need for a creative outlet for students on campus and worked to bring it to life through Kappa Pi. This is one of her greatest achievements and she hopes to see the chapter continue to blossom after she graduates.

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